Your Event Director and the entire Sunflower Dance Festival Committee
are counting the days until we see YOU in Wichita!

JUNE 29-JULY 1, 2018
Event Staff and Volunteers
Event Director Lynn Thornton Hospitality Manager Rod and Tammy Haley
Ballroom Event Organizer Amy Castro Past Event Director Jason Thornton
Caritable Coordinator and Past Event Director Brian Cavin Past Event Director Terry and Colleen Cummings
Facility Manager Brian Franks Promotions Manager Theresa Sutton
Decoration and Facility Coordinator Roy Fitzgerald Registration Manager Jeff and Robin Newman
Decoration and Facility Coordinator George Jones Wichita Area Promotions Coordinator Courtney Toben
Decoration and Facility Coordinator Kit Lindsay Workshop Manager Sid and Vicki Allen
Decoration Manager Marlena Jones    
Sloane Hansen and Bernadette Carmichael
Sloane Hansen and
Bernadette Carmichael
Sloane Hansen and Bernadette Carmichael are the reigning 2018 UCWDC Classic Masters World Champions.

They have been dancing together for 9 years winning multiple division 1 and Masters titles. Residing in Texas, USA they travel all over North America to teach, compete and judge.

Sloane has been a professional on the UCWDC circuit for over 25 years garnering success with multiple partners. Winning his first World Championships in Division 1 couples in 1999 and then the Masters Classic title in 2000. Competing at the highest level of couples dancing for almost 20 years.

Bernadette is originally from England and trained in many forms of dance. She won her first World title as a junior in 2001 and worked her way up the ranks in both line dance and couples. She is one of only 4 people to win both the top Line dance title “Superstars” and the top couples division “Masters” at the UCWDC World Championships.

As a couple they are widely known and sought after for their teaching and unique dance style. They enjoy sharing their knowledge with their students and traveling the world to meet dancers everywhere.

Patrick Stone and Carlye Hemphill
Patrick Stone and
Carlye Hemphill
Patrick Stone and Carlye Hemphill are a competitive ballroom dance team residing in Overland Park, Kansas. They have been dancing together for five (5) years, competing both regionally and nationally. Patrick and Carlye are the 2018 USA Dance National Runner up for the 9 Dance Championship Division. Patrick began learning ballroom dancing at age 10 and started competing at age 13. Carlye also started dancing at a young age, with her focus being on Ballet, Tap, and Jazz. Carlye works as a full-time dance instructor at the Overland Park Ballroom and Patrick is a graphic designer and animator with DEG in Overland Park, Kansas. They are both excited to be part of the Sunflower Dance Festival this year and look forward to meeting you! Be sure to say "Hi" and introduce yourself!

Charles Jones and Nicole Wardell
Charles Jones and
Nicole Wardell ... Founders: Charles Jones and Nichole Wardell. WeDanceCountryUSA is based on the idea that all dancers that love country music and dancing can unite under one common creed. It is our hope that if you wear or see someone wearing a WeDanceCountryUSA jacket or shirt that you will know they are a part of your extended dance family. Charles and Nicole are also the 2018 UCWDC Couples Open Showcase World Champions, 2017 ACDA Royal Superstars National Champions, and 2016 UCWDC Couples Diamond I Champions. Their motto: We the dancers of the good ole USA come together across the country in search of fellow dancers, to experience and share our love of country music and dance. Our dedication to our sport is only measured by our heart, family values, and work ethic. We play as hard as we work. It is at our own pleasure that we compete and perform to leave it all out on the floor, not only for ourselves, but for the people that cheer us on. It is for all the reasons avoce that: We Dance Country USA. Nicole is also our event photographer. She is known world wide. See some of her work at!

Amy Castro - Owner Overland Park Ballroom
Amy Castro
Amy is a well-respected dance professional who believes the interpersonal relationship between student and instructor is a what makes the learning experience most rewarding. She is passionate about helping people discover the benefits of dance in their lives. Amy has been a competitor on the National Dance Circuit in Professional, and Professional/Amateur divisions in both American and International styles. She currently owns and manages The Overland Park Ballroom in Overland Park, Kansas, where she teaches and coaches both social and competitive levels students and amateur couples. She invites any dancers who are ever in the Kansas City area to stop by and take a spin on the OPBallroom dance floor!

Kit Lindsay - Owner Overland Park Ballroom
Kit Lindsay
Kit is a dance fan who co-owns the Overland Park Ballroom with my wife, Amy Castro. He is a transmission rebuilder and auto restorer by day and a dancer by night. He loves long walks on the beach, puppies, macaroni and cheese, fresh pillowcases and he is an Aries. AND he has worn the same pants size since 1992.

Jeanne DeGeyter
Jeanne DeGeyter

Jeanne DeGeyter has been dancing since 1994, when she began in West Coast Swing and quickly moved into country dancing on the UCWDC circuit, in couples and teams. In Swing, she has earned 14 US OPEN Swing Dance Awards, including 5 Championship titles (from 2002-2015). In both 2010 and 2007, she placed in the TOP 5 Females in the WSDC J&J Tour. In 2007, she earned a NASDE Showcase Championship title and finished in the top 10 Females for the NASDE Tour. Jeanne has also earned the prestigious America’s Classic Top Teacher Award 8 times. In country, she competed extensively in Teams and even traveled to Europe for an invitational demo performance with the Rockin’ Country Ladies, twice earning a UCWDC Championship Title. She is President of Swing Tulsa Style Dance Club, a World Swing Dance Council Member Instructor and is the the Event Director for multiple Swing Events including Tulsa Fall Fling and Tulsa Spring Swing.

Terry Roseborough
Terry Roseborough
Terry Roseborough "AKA" T-Rose, is also known to many around the world as "Sexy Chocolate", is a well known figure in the dance community. With too many accolades to mention he is still traveling the world teaching WCS. He is excited to be in Wichita for the Sunflower Dance Festival and wishes everyone a great weekend..SO LET'S PARTY!

Monte and Kristin Ham
Monty and Kristin Ham
Monty and Kristin Ham have each been teaching dance for 17 years. They were married in 2005 and joined forces in teaching and competing. As they shared the same passions for their students, dancing, and teaching, it was a match made in heaven. They have developed a successful curriculum with an award winning style of teaching that is logical, intellectual, energetic, humorous and encouraging all at the same time. Together, they are the 2013 UCWDC Open Showcase World Champions. Between teaching groups lessons, private lessons, and traveling nationally to numerous events and workshops they maintain a busy schedule. Much of their time is spent coaching competitive couples, pro-am students and their competitive team known as ”The Ham Jam.” They consider their students to be part of their extended family which enhances the fun level all around. As Kristin says…”There is one rule in our camp…You must have fun!”

Patricia Brown
Patricia Brown
Patricia Brown, from Cottonport, Louisiana, has been teaching ballet, tap, and jazz for 38 years. She began dancing on the ACDA circuit in 2010. She won the newcomer diamond division that first year and has since won 6 world titles through the UCWDC. She is also certified personal trainer and owns and operates Motions Dance and Fitness.

Bob Clanton and Jennifer Yarborough
Bob Clanton and
Jennifer Yarborough
Bob Clanton has been dancing competitively and teaching for over 20 years. Jennifer Yarborough has been competing for over 8 years and is a full time dance instructor. As dance partners, they have won 4 UCWDC World Champion Titles, including the Crown Classic Division in 2014. Jennifer moved to Colorado in the spring of 2016 to pursue her career as a dance teacher and Bob is taking the opportunity to focus on development of his private psychology practice. Though they have stopped dancing together competitively, both Bob and Jennifer are active on both ACDA and UCWDC circuits. Jennifer also competes on the swing circuit. They both love sharing their love of dance with others.

Greg and Laura Thrash
Greg and Laura Thrash
Greg and Laura Thrash, from Rowlett, TX started competing in 2013 with the ACDA Texas Hoedown. They hold three UCWDC Couples World Titles, as well as a ProPro Title for Greg and a ProAm Advanced Title for Laura. They currently compete in the UCWDC Crown Division. Greg is an Independent Instructor in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, teaching social and competitive Country dancing. Greg and Laura's love of dancing started and continues on the social dance floor, and they realize how fortunate they are to share their love of dance together.

Chris and Barb Riggs
Chris and Barb Riggs
Barbara and Chris Riggs met on a dance floor in 1991. By the time they were married in 1993 they became a dancing couple. They competed before their marriage and the first nine years of their marriage, mostly on the ATCDA dance circuit. They decided to found the Wichita Cowtown Dance Roundup – so at least one dance contest would be in their city! For seven years they put their hearts and their souls into the Roundup. The specialty of the Roundup became the Saturday night banquet and show with a different theme every year. We remember moments with cowboys in pink long underwear, Grease, the Wizard of Oz, and the Time Tunnel. There came to be a tightly-knit group of volunteers and friends that made the Roundup possible, including Lee Mathison, Theresa Cooksie-Sutton, Roy Fitzgerald, Tammy Haley, Diane Barwig, Richard and Kathy Schoeffner, Bryan Cavin, Debbie Winn, Cindy Bertha, George and Marlena Jones, and many others we don’t have room to list. We became a dance family with the Roundup as the highlight of the year. Work responsibilities increased for Barbara and Chris and they passed the Roundup to Bryan and Debbie. It is still a joy to attend the Wichita event and to remember how it started and all the great moments that continue today.

Terry and Colleen Cummings
Terry and Colleen Cummings
Terry and Colleen Cummings live in Wichita, Kansas and started dancing together in 2004. They are the previous directors of the Wichita Dance Roundup, now known as the Sunflower Dance Festival.

Terry and Colleen teach locally for JustGottadance and A Step Ahead Dance Studio. They also compete in on both the UCWDC and ACDA circuits. Together they have over 50 years of dance experience resulting in multiple championships and a couple of UCWDC World Championship titles.

Jason Thornton
Jason Thornton
Jason has been around dance his whole life. And now with 20 years of his own experience it’s good to know he is doing what he loves and loves what he does. He started training for professional competitive couples dance in 1997. He immediately discovered his love for it and took advantage of every opportunity to learn and grow. Jason has since earned his certification in partnership dance and has continued his education as a teacher, coach and choreographer of all styles of couples dance. He longs to see the dance community unify and expand here in the greater Wichita area.

Courtney Toben
Courtney Toben
Courtney started dancing jazz and ballet when she was a little girl and had a passion for dance that grew into partnership dancing when she was 18. She started taking dance classes at Kansas University and continued at Wichita State when she moved back to Wichita. Courtney became an instructor at her first studio at the age of 20, and it wasn’t long before she was taking her first student to compete pro/am at various competitions in the United States. She then went on to open up her own studio with 2 partners at the age of 24, where she was co-owner for 9 years. At the age of 27 she started competing in the professional circuit at various competitions in the United States, continuing to also compete with her pro/am students. Courtney is now one of the founders of “A Step Ahead Dance Studio” where she continues to teach her love and passion for dance to others.

Chad Graber
Chad Graber
Chad Graber has been dancing for over 30 years. After studying Molecular Biology at UT Austin he began teaching Ballroom and Country Western dancing full time for Fred Astaire Dance Studios (FADS) in Fort Worth. After leaving FADS, he worked for several other studios and now teaches independently in the DFW area as well as coaching and judging across both the ACDA and UCWDC circuits. Chad competed on the UCWDC circuit in Showcase II and Showcase I as well as winning multiple ACDA National Championships and 2 UCWDC World Championships in the Pro-Pro Open Division from 2001-2005.

Theresa Sutton
Theresa Sutton
Theresa Cooksey-Sutton from Fremont, NE has been dancing, teaching, and performing ballroom and country since 1994. She holds National Ballroom Bronze Certification, is a past Superstar Division competitor on ACDA circuit, Division I competitor on UCWDC circuit, and has recently competed Silver West Coast Swing on WSDC circuit. She has also served as MC of many events and shows, and loves connecting audience excitement with the performers on the floor.

T.E. Mayo
T.E. Mayo
T.E. Mayo has been a dance instructor, choreographer, and emcee for ... believe it or not ... 30+ years! He is also an auctioneer and a living historian/Cavalry reenactor. Needless to say, T.E. has many passions and a wide viarity of skill sets! His favorite saying is "Dancing has been my passion and horses have been my escape valve! After all these years, T.E. is still going strong and loving every minute!

Brian Cavin
Brian Cavin
President of AMBUCS
chosen charity for the 2018 Sunflower Dance Festival
Brian Cavin started competing in Country Western dance competitions in 1993. By 1998, he had made his way up to “Division II” in couples and “Advanced” in line dance. He also had a “claim to dance fame”, in 2005, by winning $5,000 in the TNN National Line Dance competition! Besides competition in those earlier years, he could be found helping put the floor down for the Wichita event, as well as being part of the Saturday night dinner shows. Brian continued to compete regularly until about 1999. It was then that he saw a need for someone to do video for dance events. Being the entrepreneur that he is, he made that happen by gearing up with video equipment and taking orders! Running the video company made it difficult for Brian to get on the competition floor very often, but he still made appearances until around 2007. In 2002, he became one of the event directors of, what was known then, as the Wichita Dance Roundup … but don’t think he got off easy … he could still be found putting the floor down and being part of the Saturday night dinner show! In 2006, the Wichita event torch was passed to Terry and Colleen Cummings.

Lynn Thornton - Co-Director
Lynn Thornton
Though Lynn is the new Co-Director of the Sunflower Dance Festival, she is not new to the competitive dance world. She began competing in 1989 and in 1994, she married David Thornton. Together they worked, competed, judged, and taught at events worldwide, winning many championships. They were event directors of the Country Dance Rodeo and Dancin’ in Branson (both UCWDC events). Lynn has a true passion for life, family, friends, and dance! She has successfully organized and hosted several large fund raisers for the Joplin Humane Society and works for the NBC/ABC affiliate in Joplin, Missouri, as the Digital Media Manager. Lynn currently competes on both the ACDA and UCWDC circuits with her dear friend/dance partner Jack Henry. Above all, she is excited to be a part of the ACDA and is looking forward to welcoming you to Wichita, Kansas for the Sunflower Dance Festival in July 2017!

Contest Coordinator:

  • Ben DePuew

ACDA President:

  • Jerry Rainey

CountryDance Director Scoring:

  • Ed Von Adelung


  • Jeff Newman
  • Robin Newman

Master of Ceremonies:

  • T.E. Mayo
  • Darren Paul
  • Theresa Sutton
  • Chad Graber

Masters of Music (DJs):

  • Mona Broussard
  • Monty Ham

Facility Manager:

  • Brian Franks

Past Wichita Event Directors:

  • Chris and Barbara Riggs
  • Brian Cavin
  • Debbie Winn
  • Terry and Colleen Cummings
  • Jason Thornton
  • Christy Thornton


  • Alexis Bastain
  • Annie Whisler
  • Caden Stranathan
  • Christina Ferrin
  • Doug Sipes
  • Gracie Thornton
  • Holly Sipes
  • Isabel Stranathan
  • Jacob Thornton
  • Jeanene Holl
  • Juliet Newman
  • Linnette Talbot
  • Rebecca Williams
  • Samantha Sipes
  • Tiffany Owens


Ballroom Judges:

  • Chad Graber
  • Beth Emerson
  • Brian Picard
  • Don McCarty
  • Kristin Geil-Ham
  • Theresa Sutton

ACDA Judges:

  • Bob Clanton
  • Chad Graber
  • Kristin Ham
  • Margaret Hines
  • Robert Hines
  • Don McCarty
  • Beth Emerson
  • Catherine Picard
  • Judi Caudle

Floor Coordinators:

  • Bonnie Robertson
  • Tammy Haley
  • Christy Thornton
  • Pris Young
  • Marlena Jones


  • Jeanne DeGeyter
  • Terry Roseborough
  • Greg and Laura Thrash
  • Jennifer Yarborough
  • Bob Clanton
  • Brian Picard
  • Darren Paul
  • Chad Graber
  • Terry and Colleen Cummings
  • Courtney Toben
  • Jason Thornton
  • Monty and Kristin Ham
  • Don McCarty
  • Amy Castro and Kit Lindsay
  • Beth Emerson
  • Sloane Hansen and Bernadette Carmichael
  • Patrick Stone and Carlye Hemphill
  • Brian Franks
  • Tricia Brown
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Event Director   -   Lynn Thornton
Ballroom Event Organizer   -   Amy Castro
Event Promotions   -   Theresa Sutton
Wichita Area Coordinator   -   Courtney Toben

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